LHD Loader

The LHD (Load, Haul, Dump) loader is designed for loading and moving bulk materials to nearby areas in low-profile underground mines and large underground operations, such as in founding, mining and tunneling in the construction industry. Bucket size determines the transport volume, and therefore, capacity of the loader.

The loader delivers a high level of safety for both the operator and its immediate surroundings, with trouble-free maintenance and user-friendly operation. It's heavy-duty contruction makes it the right choice for operating in very demanding working conditions.


  • Hydraulic damping increases loader service life by automatically slowing down the steering, boom, and bucket just before the mechanical stop
  • Immediate bucket discharge shortens working time without the use of a hydrogenerator, i.e. max. hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic cylinder flows into the tank
  • Bucket vibration allows for easier and more complete emptying of bucket loads
  • Combined boom-bucket functions shorten work time by allowing for simultaneous operation
  • 3 modes of  boom and bucket speeds (slow, medium, fast) are advantageous for beginners and during operator training
  • Saving basic bucket-boom position presets shortens working and transport time, e.g. transport position, max. lift of the boom (bucket) with respect to the profile, etc.
  • Angle sensors determine position of the boom, arm and machine rotation.
  • Bucket  weight sensor instantly calculates weight, weight for a given interval and totals
  • Active Damping shortens transport time by actively damping the bucket and boom, thereby preventing machine vibration
  • Kickdown shortens work cycles by allowing faster Y-cycle execution during loading
  • Fan Drive extends service life by regulating motor cooling (fan speed) based on temperature
  • Engine brake and Lock Up system (locking hydrodynamic clutch) adds to brake service life by adding to braking efficiency when traveling downhill
  • Downhill driving assistant increases safety and shortens transport time by automatically ensuring required speeds are maintained on declines
  • Automatic lubrication system increases loader service life by automatically lubricating key areas at selected intervals
  • Autonomous fire extinguishing system ensures further safety by automatically detecting excessive temperatures or fires in designated areas of the loader and activating an on-board fire extinguisher
  • Measuring bar shortens service intervals by monitoring and displaying hydraulic pressure in different areas of the loader in one central location
  • Elevated Battery helps extend machine service life by preventing water from entering the battery that could damage it or the loader's electrical system
  • ROPS / FOPS cab * has been designed and certified as a ROPS / FOPS protection structure for ensuring operator safety

Optional Equipment:

  • Enclosed cab design
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Radio with USB
  • Onboard Hydraulic Tank Filling Pump (24v) powered directly by the loader
  • "MUR-T" Mobile Registration Device for registering machines/workers in the positioning system
  • Remote control with image transmission
  • Radiator stop for pausing radiator fans on demand to prevent damage, e.g. in sections with excessive amounts of water, etc.
  • Camera system
  • Autonomous machine control system-ready

Technical parameters

bucket capacity:
14 000 ±2 % kg
dimension (L-W-H):
10,47 x 2, 96 x 2,6 m
inner turning radius:
3 140 mm
outer turning radius:
6 860 mm
weight (operating):
39 920 ±5 % kg
engine power:
280 kW

*The stated technical data are only informative and can be modified according to the customer’s requirements. Contact our sales department for more information and a tailor-made solution.

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