About Us

Ferrit is a privately owned Czech company that was founded in 1993 and carries out operations around the world. Initially established as a trading company, it has transformed into a manufacturing company with its own research and development department. The manufacture of suspended monorail transport systems makes up the largest share of its production activities, which has positioned Ferrit as a worldwide market leader. 
Comprehensive solutions for mining transport

Our wide portfolio of suspended, ground, rail and wheeled mining transport vehicles ensure the safe and efficient transport of people, material and muck in ore mines, coal mines with the risk of gas explosions, and construction sites for tunnels and underground collectors.

Development and production
Due to our know-how, and the innovative approach of our  specialists, we deliver modern solutions and technologies to our customers that go hand-in-hand with the high quality processing of all  types of products.
Transport system optimization
The optimized mining transport systems we provide are always tailored to specific mining conditions and individual customer requirements. The highly efficient transport systems designed by our specialists ensure fast and reliable transport for all types mining sites, while maximizing the reduction of operating costs, increasing work safety and minimising air pollution within the mine.
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A word from the Director

In 1993, we started as a group of enthusiastic people with a little change in our pockets.
What was built over the years by the founders, one of whom was my father and handed this job down to me, is not only a great commitment for my colleagues and I, but also a challenge for the future.
We're committed to having Ferrit present wherever mining takes place. Ferrit is a strong and confident brand that produces high quality mining machinery and equipment, with the main goal of simplifying mining work and creating the safest possible environment.
There have been plenty of achievements in our almost thirty years of operation and many more are still ahead of us. Ferrit is mainly about people. It's a team of experts who work from the heart and, for better or worse, pull together to reach a common goal.
We ask you to put your trust in Ferrit. We are more than just a company.
Petr Mohelník
FERRIT s.r.o.

We are worldwide

Ferrit has a global network of branches and service centers with trained professionals in all countries where it operates - Russia, Poland, China, Mexico, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Colombia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Vietnam. An expansion of its activities is planned to additional countries in the future, such as South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Peru, Chile and India.


2nd place in the category "Exporter with export growth over CZK 500 million in 2018"
3rd place in the category "Export Growth 2017 - 2018"
1st place in the category  "Best Recruitment Video"