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  • Monorail


    Suspended monorail is one of the most economical and safe modes of transporting people, as well as various kinds of technological and operational materials, in tunnels and through long mine roadways with variable inclinations of up to ± 30 degrees.
  • Rail


    Ground rail transport is used for transport of material and persons on horizontal surface tracks of roadways and the tunnels of underground mines, where the track inclination does not exceed 35 ‰ and the profile is ≥10 m²
  • Trackless


    Wheeled and tracked machines are a traditional mode of material and personnel transport in both surface and underground mines. They can be implemented wherever the inclination of the transport route does not exceed 15°.
  • Optimization


    Machinery and equipment for mining activities, and activities associated with underground mining, are one of the main components of underground technology. They are primarily designed for activities that are directly related to excavation and mining work.
  • Mining


    Machinery and equipment designed for excavation and other mining activities. These include systems for the safe handling of electrical equipment, crushers for fragmenting and directing ore to extraction lines and renovation systems, and ecological disposal of mine reinforcement and rigging.
  • Safety


    Machines and equipment for auxiliary underground activities are a very important and integral part of the technological system used in underground work. They are designed to increase safety and productivity, as well as being used for the renovation and disposal of components in underground corridor equipment.
  • Mine

    Comprehensive and efficient transport solutions in mines

    For more than 25 years we have been developing, manufacturing and servicing a complete range of machines and equipment designed for easier, safer and more efficient transport in mines.

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