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We are a company that values the work of every employee, stands on solid foundations, is flexible, strengthens its market position and believes in its future and development.

Are you a student, graduate, looking for a job or part-time job in a Czech manufacturing company with a global reach and your own test polygon? Join us! Start a career right at FERRIT, take the opportunity into your own hands and become a part of our company.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you.

Petra Klementová
Personnel manager
Petra Klementová

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How to become part of the FERRIT team?

Do you want to work with us?
It all starts with choosing from the advertised vacancies, sending your CV or filling out the registration form.
Job interview
During a personal meeting with the HR specialist and the future supervisor, you will discuss the extent to which your previous experience, knowledge and skills correspond to the selected position.
Job offer
We give feedback to each candidate. If mutual expectations are met, we will prepare a job offer for you!
The beginning of a career with us
After receiving the job offer, we will send you an introductory e-mail with more information about starting and your first day at FERRIT.
Entrance medical examination
Before boarding, you will undergo an initial medical examination by our occupational physician.
First day in Ferrit
We will sign an employment contract with you. You will take part in the introductory training and we will tell you everything you need to know about life in Ferrite. Then the leader will introduce you to colleagues at the workplace.
Adaptation process
During the trial period, we will introduce you to the individual processes across the entire company in relation to your workplace.
Further personal development
We will support your further development of knowledge and skills by offering education from legal or vocational training to foreign language teaching.

How it looks here

Who will you meet?

Lucie Kusiu
Lucie Kusiu
Recruitment specialist
+420 597 071 313
Ing. Lucie Michníková
Ing. Lucie Michníková
Human resources
+420 558 411 606
Mgr. Lucie Mahrová
Mgr. Lucie Mahrová
Education specialist
+420 597 071 318
We received awards:
Český Goodwill 2017
Czech Goodwill 2017
The Czech project, which has been a tradition since 2013, recognizes entrepreneurs and companies that people value for their responsible approach to business, moral quality and honest work. FERRIT won in the PARTNER category.
Czech Industry Challenge 2019
Czech Industry Challenge
1. place in category Recruitment video 2019

Benefits you can enjoy

Subsidized meals Subsidized meals
Subsidized meals
Holidays and health care Holidays and health care
Holidays and health care
Education and personal development Education and personal development
Education and personal development
Corporate events Corporate events
Corporate events
Other benefits Other benefits
Other benefits
Remuneration Remuneration
Příspěvek na MultiSport kartu Příspěvek na MultiSport kartu
Příspěvek na MultiSport kartu
Příspěvek na dopravu Příspěvek na dopravu
Příspěvek na dopravu

Didn't find the offer directly for you?

If there is currently no vacancy that you are interested in, you can send us your CV via the completed form.