Universal vehicle


The universal DTK130F mining vehicle is a multipurpose machine designed for the safe transport of material and persons in demanding mining environments with the potential for gas and coal dust explosions.

Two versions are available:

  1. Fixed body
  2. „Roll on / Roll off“ system for easy exchange of various types of cassettes with its hydraulic mechanism.
    • Material transport cassette
    • Mechanical arm cassette
    • Scissor lift cassette
    • People transport cassette
    • Fuel transport cassette

Anti-explosive safety features:

  • Cooled turbocharger and air intake
  • Cooling box with triple cooler
  • Exhaust gas cooling system (wet exhaust cooling, anti-explosive inserts)
  • Intercooler
  • Intake shut off valve
  • Safety sensors that stop motor when fault conditions are encountered
  • Onboard methanometer for real time detection of methane levels

Additional Features:

  • Cab designed and certified as an ROPS / FOPS protection structure
  • POSISTOP safety brakes
  • Negative brake
  • ATEX certified
  • Electronic machine control system with visualization unit and "KeyBox" compartment
  • Spring loaded seats ensure a comfortable ride on all surfaces
  • Mechanical or hydraulic control of the injection pump
  • Mechanical transmission control

Technical parameters

engine power:
95 kW
max. speed:
25 km/h
dimension (L-W-H):
8,2 x 2,1 x 2,2 m
payload capacity:
10 000 kg

*The stated technical data are only informative and can be modified according to the customer’s requirements. Contact our sales department for more information and a tailor-made solution.

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