Ground Rail Locomotive

The PLP130F Ground Rail Locomotive is designed for material or personnel transport in mines on 600 – 900 mm gauge rail tracks at gradients of up to ± 35‰.

The locomotive can be separated into three main units (cabin, central part of the locomotive – engine section and platform for service personnel) in order to facilitate its transport to the mining site. It is controlled from the cabin, which is equipped with control, monitoring and safety elements, as well as other devices, to ensure its safe operation. The cabin design guarantees the operator has a good view of the track and reliable protection against injury and adverse external conditions.


Technical parameters

engine power:
95 kW
max. traction force:
40 kN
750 mm
total weight:
14,5 t

*The stated technical data are only informative and can be modified according to the customer’s requirements. Contact our sales department for more information and a tailor-made solution.

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