Suspended Monorail Track

The MPD24F, MPD24F-110 and MPD24F-120 suspended monorail tracks are designed for transport of material and personnel in mining roadways with minimum profiles of 8m2 with a max. gradient of up to ± 30°. The mining roadway can be established in any original, self-bearing rock or with the use of supports consisting of concrete, shaped bricks, panels or bolts. The most frequent establishment of the mining roadway, however, is with steel arch supports.

The MPD24F, MPD24F-110 and MPD24F-120 suspended monorail tracks may be used in transport of sets pulled by a traction vehicle with its own drive, open or endless rope, or a winch. They can only be used with approved traction machinery. All equipment operating on MPD24F, MPD24F-110 and MPD24F-120 suspended monorail tracks must have parameters that are comply with the tracks' parameters.


Technical parameters

min. horizontal radius:
4 m
min. vertical radius:
8 m
max. track inclination:
± 30°
max. transport speed:
2 m/s

*The stated technical data are only informative and can be modified according to the customer’s requirements. Contact our sales department for more information and a tailor-made solution.

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