Specialized vehicles - New Mobile Mine Depot DPD50F

Specialized vehicles - New  Mobile Mine Depot DPD50F
27. 4. 2023

In almost every mine you can find areas, that require certain made-to-measure solution to achieve increase in productivity, safety or both.

These needs usually cannot be satisfied by simple purchase of “on market” existing equipment.
And this is exactly moment for Ferrit. In 12 - 18 months, we are capable to deal with any challenge that the customer put on the table. And one of such examples is the new Mobile mine depot Ferrit DPD50F.

Mobile Depot DPD50F is an easy to operate and maintain, suitable for any mine or facility operating rail transport.

Main features:

  • Diesel or battery drive
  • Height 1600 mm
  • Track gauge from 600 - 900 mm
  • Cab for 3 persons
  • 2 tons lifting capacity hydraulic arm
  • Load platform 2 sq.m.
  • Fully equipped working table
  • Electrical connectivity for various tools
  • Powerful welding unit
  • Hydraulicaly driven sledgehammer and other equipment

An optional attachment to the DPD50F is the DDV1F Mining workshop wagon. A workshop wagon is a towed device that can be attached to a mobile workshop and suitably extends the possibilities of its work deployment.

If you need a truly versatile mining mobile workshop, then this is what you've been looking for.

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